Technology incubation


'For technology startups, the sky may indeed be the limit, but survival often requires knowing how to avoid the storms ahead'


The Lambda Prime Incubator

Lambda Prime is a privately held technology development incubation fund with facilities in New York and Boston. Lambda Prime is dedicated to the under-served technology investment gap created by the over-growth of traditional venture funds and the commoditization of web and IT investing. Our philosophy centers on applying novel and cutting edge mathematical approaches and algorithms across industries, for our portfolio companies and corporate clients alike.

Lambda Prime invests resources and capital, but more importantly provides access to a platform of computational and proprietary data sets only available to in-house portfolio companies. In an age of virtualization and cloud computing, we believe that successful technological differentiation comes from access to unparalleled performance compute resources not readily available to the average startup. We believe that a successful technology strategy requires a sophisticated understanding of markets, intellectual property, and financial management, which comes from years of growing companies from startup to mid-sized phases. Consequently, our strength is working with companies, projects, and ventures that are seed stage to early stage, and we typically exit by the time investments reach traditional round A/B/C financing. Early stage, small companies are our specialty.


Investment criteria:

  • $1-5M pre-money enterprise valuation
  • 1-10 full time employees (at least 50% engineering)
  • 0-5 filed patents
  • $0-500k in revenue
  • Target markets: industrials, consumer goods, financial services, energy, high performance computing

We bring together a team of leading in-house mathematicians, programmers, and technology development managers who work closely with each investment to ensure commercial growth. Our internship program is designed to provide each investment company in our portfolio with unique resources to top talent from the nation’s leading universities.

For more information, please contact us or visit the Lambda Prime website.