Activist investment


'Not all technologies are created equal; some took great inventive leaps of faith, millions in R&D spend, coordinated programs across thousands of man hours... others didn't.'


Devonshire Capital Funds: Equity Fund I

Devonshire Capital Funds was established as an investment vehicle to capitalize on the extensive experience in technology development, management strategy, and intellectual property transactions accumulated across over 50 years of combined experience. Equity Fund I is based on the belief that intellectual property is a fundamental value indicator of technology companies, and a more accurate predictor of the cyclical booms and busts of the tech industry as a whole. Knowing implicit patterns of collaboration, non-obvious sources of competition, and sources of profit in complex technology markets evades many analysts who rely only on financial statement reviews to make investment decisions.


Investment Strategy

The Fund’s investment strategy is focused on in-depth analysis of each company’s intellectual property. The Devonshire investment team believes that intellectual property is the backbone of technology and of immense importance in both determining the company’s real value, and subsequent investment approach.


Press Attention

The fund and its investment ideology attracted interest from co-investors following the development, public release, and success of “An Analysis of GoPro” – a detailed investment short analysis of the intellectual property that powers GoPro’s Hero series.