Matt Stack

Matt Stack, Managing Director

Matt Stack is a founder of XLP Capital, the founding manager of the Lambda Prime Investment Incubator Fund, and the Chief Investment Officer of XLP’s technology activist fund, Devonshire Capital Fund I. He is an experienced early and seed stage investor in high tech hardware and analytics companies with over $200M in completed deals, and serves as a technology advisor to a variety of institutions and family offices overseeing and directing over $500M. Over the past decade, Matt has acquired and developed a collection of minority interests in companies across North America ranging from small university spin outs to mid-sized industrial technology companies. Matt serves as an advisor to a number of privately held companies, where he manages and supervises technology and high performance computing investments. Matt has served as the Director of Computational Science at Mars Corporation and as a Partner at 3LP – a Boston-based elite Intellectual Property advisory firm.

Matt’s prior experiences include managing acquisitions for a $120M corporate-led technology buyout fund in Palo Alto, as well as spending 6 years at The Boston Consulting Group in the Boston and New York offices, where he worked on projects in the Health Care, IT, Retail, Industrial Goods, and Strategy practice areas. He frequently helped corporate clients with topics including corporate growth strategy, merger and acquisitions, and post-merger integration. Before BCG, Matt co-founded and invested in a health care software startup, a small electronics company, an advanced composites design firm, and a semiconductor distribution company that traded high performance semiconductor chips between Shenzhen, Tokyo, and Tecate.

Matt holds a B.S.E. in electrical engineering from Princeton University. He is a benefactor and sponsor of the TEDx conference series, and has sponsored research at the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico, the Strategy Institute in New York, MIT’s Broad Institute, the Highlands Forum, the University of Oxford, and the Department of Defense. He is an accomplished computer hacker and cryptanalyst, and has written and advised on state-run network cyber-warfare policy, and agility-based strategic combat. Matt was recognized in 2009 by Hackaday as one of the top 10 most influential hardware hackers, and has been featured in Wired Magazine and the Wall Street Journal for his hobby electronics projects. He is the author of 11 neuroscience patents covering devices, analytical methods, and algorithms for detecting concussion and improving cognitive performance. In his spare time, he has been an Olympic hopeful in javelin, a competitive speedskater, a motorcycle collector, and is currently a professional windsurfer.

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